Vogue Turns 125 | An Inside Look at Jennifer Lawrence’s Vogue Covers

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Vogue Turns 125 | An Inside Look at Jennifer Lawrence’s Vogue Covers

When it comes to fashion magazines the September issue is the most highly sought after of them all, erudiating the world with what is to come. Vogue has always been at the forefront of fashion and culture with Anna Wintour’s voice leading the way for many to follow and this year is no exception. Jennifer Lawrence was aptly booked for not one, but four separate covers in celebration of their 125th Anniversary.

Vogue gives an inside look into the makings of capturing what Wintour deems as The Woman Of Our Time, a befitting title for a woman of major social influence currently fighting for gender equality. Tasked with this assignment were Bruce Weber, Inez & Vinoodh, Annie Leibovitz and renowned artist John Currin, capturing their vision of fashion muse and advocate, Jennifer Lawrence.

It is interesting to get a glimpse at the creative process of some of the world’s most in-demand photographers. Even though their visions, approach, and final results differ, the challenge at hand remains the same.

“There is an intimacy, an absolute intimacy to shooting somebody well and discovering who they are through a photograph.”

-Tonny Goodman, Vogue Fashion Director

With a sometimes tongue-in-cheek method, this video candidly and accurately sheds light on the real-life demands and expectations of working in the big budget and fast-paced world of fashion’s elite as well as the forces behind it. Working in an industry that massively influences our culture is engrossing, exciting and above all things it is cut-throat. You have to be on your A Game every single time – no exceptions. The dance leading up to the final product is exhilarating, enticing everyone to come back and push for more.


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