The Ultimate Guide to Photo Poses for Men

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The Ultimate Guide to Photo Poses for Men

Masculinity, strength, and power the three components that make up our posing goals for men. Our Complete Posing Workshop was created in order to help you master the nuances of posing to help elevate your portraiture. From standing to group photos, here is our guide to photo poses for men:

Photo Poses for Men #1 | Standing Portrait

Starting from the ground up makes posing less daunting for subjects and allows you to easily direct men, women, and large groups. First, we need to identify our goals for posing men:

  1. Feet First, Hip Distance Apart
  2. Toes Pointed Out
  3. A Straight Spine

Posture instantly changes the look of confidence and translates as a triple-threat: masculine, strong and powerful. In our Photographing the Groom workshop we cover more tips on posing men, capturing expressions, lighting, and composition in a less-than-perfect hotel room, and how to recreate these shots with some of our favorite gear.

[REWIND: Goals for posing couples ]

Photo Poses for Men #2 | Sitting Portrait

Sitting poses can be complicated because typically our natural inclination is to hunch over. We’ll walk you through how angles can diminish or increase your client’s presence, building the pose from the ground up.

Sitting portraits are perfect for some of our larger guys who may have a bit of a tummy as sitting can help to camouflage. Have your subject maintain a straight spine and wide stance, keeping posture as a priority. Also note that the lower the camera angle the stronger he will become, as he towers the frame; the higher the camera angle the smaller he will become.

Focal length plays a huge role when photographing seated subjects because of distortion from specific lenses making objects closer to the camera appear larger and wider.

Photo Poses for Men #3 | Editorial Group Photo

Great direction is a catalyst to great posing and your approach to group portraits is what transforms an image.

We receive requests for editorial group photos typically for weddings, and these GQ photos are the perfect opportunity to highlight the groom and groomsmen, and the location.

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One way to make a portrait ‘editorial’ is through lighting, like we cover in Lighting 201, but be sure to direct your subject through expressions as well to sell the image. Try a serious expression and utilize shadows to chisel out his jaw and features, or highlight him even more by facing the other guys away from the camera. Not only will they fall into the shadow but it’s a perfect way to set mood and ambiance.

Photo Poses for Men #4 | Fun Group Photo

Fun group photos provide the perfect occasion to interact and get those candid expressions. As the director, think about what is going to make the image most meaningful, and work in and out of the scene to tell an entire story. Not only will this translate as authentic, but you’ll be able to capture those truly candid moments through your interaction.

Boost your male, female, or group posing game with the Complete Posing Workshop, your guide to transform from photographer to director. Upgrade today to stream unlimited photography education with SLR Premium.


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