Simple Trick for Long Exposure Photography Without Using a Filter

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Simple Trick for Long Exposure Photography Without Using a Filter

Who doesn’t love the look of long exposure photography? The peaceful, serene waters underneath a clear blue sky of clouds makes a landscape scene look almost surreal. To create long exposure photography, especially in the daytime, you usually need some sort of filter. Otherwise, your images will be overexposed because it’s too bright.


In the video below, Joshua Cripps gives us a simple photography hack to allow us to shoot long exposures without using filters. It’s one of those simple tips that makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it, but effective nevertheless. Using this method, Josh promises that “you can double, triple, or even 10-tuple your shutter speed without blowing out your image.” Though I’m not certain that 10-tuple is an actual word recognized by Websters, the hack is using the multiple exposure mode on your camera. This will take the average of all of the images, creating a long exposure using a bunch of short exposure shots. All you need to get started is a tripod, your camera set to continuous shooting mode and a remote.

For a 3 second photo, you can create a 30-second equivalent photograph as seen in the image below.

It’s not a perfect hack (and honestly, few are) because not all cameras offer the multiple exposure mode, but if your camera is one of the lucky ones, then you can leave your filter at home!

Watch Long Exposure Photography…… Without Filters!

Is this a hack you think you might try? If so, comment below with how it works for you!

[Via ISO1200]


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