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Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in Featured, Web Design

New web designers must begin by studying web design basics so they can create simple, functional websites.There are numerous resources available that help beginner web designers find a good place to start, and the article below is one of them. Read on for some handy tips you can use to create better web designs.

Pay careful attention to which colors you use together in your website design. Make sure that text visible against background hues. Dark text colors on light background is the easiest for your visitor to read. Let your friends see your site and give you some advice before going live.

Ensure that links are easy discovered and displayed in a prominent locations. Menus can also make it a lot easier to navigate around your site. Make sure each page in your site so people can find their way no matter where they are.

There is little worse than visiting a site and being attacked by tons of pop-up ads. Many people will leave a site that has pop-ups, no matter what size the site is. Stay away from annoying ads to ensure your visitors will be pleased. If your web hosting company requires the use of pop-ups, you may want to consider looking for a new host.

A search engine is an absolute must if your website is larger than a site that is very large.You can add search functions to use for your site on sites like Google.

White can be a highly effective color should be the background for your background. White pages are professional looking and give your visitors. Complicated background designs on the other hand can be distracting, it can also make your site look less professional. It is usually preferable to have a simple background when you are designing your website.

Always check for broken hyperlinks.The right time to do this is just before you upload a page and take it live. This is important, as visitors who click on your links expecting useful information, and if that happens a lot on your website, will leave your site in disgust.

Using the tools from a host to build your site is great for basic layout, but you don’t want to rely on the design tools completely.You want to integrate your own personality into this site, so this means adding enhancements that the website builder may not offer.

Ensure that your web designs don’t look similar to other websites that share your niche. You want to check this by checking out the websites of your competitors’ websites. Having a similar website won’t make you stand out in with the rest.You will only be seen as a copycat of any competitors that was up before you.

If you want to host any type of video on your website, check with the web host to make sure that it is allowed. Many hosts do not allow for video hosting to be used on their servers. The FLV files used for modern video can either consume too much storage space or use too much bandwidth, so check to make sure it is allowed before wasting your efforts.

Rather than generating a HTML code for all pages, merely copy and paste the main code section, change it as necessary, and save the tweaked code as a brand new file every time. You can use the master copy of that main section of code as much as you want.

Think like you’re an artist when designing your website. This means that you should open your mind to new ideas.If something inspires you to have a design idea while you are out and about, for example, for example, then write it down. If that great and inspiring thought comes your way while you’re on the job, leave yourself a text message on your cellphone so you will remember it later on.

Like we’ve said, designers who are just starting out need to learn the basics of design to make enticing sites that work properly. Due to the large amount of information available, it can be difficult to determine where the best place to start is. By following the advice in the article above, you will be able to start learning the basics of website design.

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