Beautiful Wedding Video Shot On iPhone 7 | Further Proof Your Gear Is Probably Good Enough

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Beautiful Wedding Video Shot On iPhone 7 | Further Proof Your Gear Is Probably Good Enough

Smartphones have been giving digital cameras a run for their money since their inception and now that iPhones can shoot 4k video, they are able to provide a surprisingly formidable challenger to expensive video equipment, though of course, the hands that hold the iPhones play a role that cannot be overstated in the final product. Supremely talented Colorado-based husband and wife wedding videography duo, White in Revery, comprised of Kristine and Calen Rhome, prove just how much you can do with an iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, a little bit of supplemental gear, and some creative expertise in their stunning video of a Moab, Utah elopement.

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Using the Filmic Pro app, DJI Osmo Mobile, Beastgrip Pro, and an assortment of Hoya filters and Moment lenses, they’ve managed to capture a moving and cinematic artistic rendition of their couple’s big day in the awe-inspiring Moab Red Rocks.

Without being told expressly how the video was shot, it’s doubtful that anyone would ever guess that anything less than professional video equipment was used to create the video. (Video playback may require you to click the play button and open the video in YouTube)


On the video’s creation, White in Revery says this:

The reason for filming this on the new iPhone 7 and 7+ was because we wanted to showcase the fact that it doesn’t matter what gear you use to create an amazing film. We get pretty caught up in gear sometimes and really wanted to let this project be a reminder that it truly is about the story, the couple, and the editing that makes a great film – not having all the newest and latest gadgets.

You can check out more of their work on their website and Facebook page.

Is the iPhone an industry killer or a killer tool for professionals in the right hands? Maybe a little of both?


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