Barack Obama Adds ‘Instagram Husband’ To His Resume

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Barack Obama Adds ‘Instagram Husband’ To His Resume

Dear Camera Companies,

An image of former president Barack Obama has been making its rounds on the interweb, not sure if you had the chance to see it but here it is:

Barack Obama adds Instagram Husband to his resume.

: Mike Leyral/AFP

— Getty Images (@GettyImages) April 17, 2017

Look closely? What do you see? He’s waiting for Michelle to strike a pose on a yacht so he can snap the perfect photo on his…iPad. Can someone please get our former Commander-in-Chief a mirrorless system or a DSLR? How is it that the 44th president of the United States, whose administration was the first to implement social media in a major way, doesn’t have a better device to capture this moment? If I was a camera company, this would seem an opportune moment to send him my best travel cam.


People have taken to Twitter to voice their adoration and, of course, other opinions, earning him the title of “Instagram Husband of The Year”:

Michelle: “Do you like Valencia?”

Barack: “Who is that?”

— Madeline Hill (@mad_hill) April 17, 2017

As he’s been busy serving the country for 8 years and likely hasn’t had the time to play with new camera, here are a couple of solid options to join him and Michelle as a travel companion:

Regardless, someone get this man a better camera. Even an iPhone 7+. I heard Portrait Mode does wonders…



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