All About That Space – NASA’s Beautiful 4k Experiment & 2 Other Videos For Space Lovers

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All About That Space – NASA’s Beautiful 4k Experiment & 2 Other Videos For Space Lovers

This year, with the influx of unique space phenomenons, like Super Moons and eclipses to the recent movie, The Martian, it seems that it’s cool again to be ‘into’ astronomy and space. I remember watching the a space shuttle mission take off on TV in class one day, years ago; we’d have an entire unit study on it before the big event. It was a big to-do. Then somewhere along the line, people got a bit blase about space travel. Barely a blip in the news, a mission to space was just one of those things our country did. But now, this renewed interest in the world beyond Earth has made people excited about NASA and their comings and goings once again, evidenced by new photos and videos popping up everywhere.

Last week, NASA released over 10,000 photos from its Apollo Mission Archive on Flickr, and as we pored over the images, people became inspired to create videos using these images. I’ve highlighted two of them below. Also, NASA just released 4k footage of astronauts experimenting with effervescent bubbles. We just can’t seem to get enough of space these days!

Apollo Missions

The first video is a 3-minute stop-motion video by harrisonicus where he flips through hundreds of Apollo images quickly. Set to a video game-esque soundtrack, we get a fun, hyperactive look at the journeys to the moon over the decades.

Ground Control

In Ground Control, director of photography Tom Kucy, brings “NASA’s Apollo Archive photos to life” by using 3D motion to the images. The trippy effects, Kucy tells PetaPixel, was created in After Effects and Photoshop.

RED 4K Video of Colorful Liquid in Space

I’ve never wanted to be an astronaut. I am claustrophobic and even thinking about being enclosed in the International Space Station makes me want to hyperventilate. But part of me has always been curious about what you’d do to pass the time while floating up high with the stars. Read books? Netflix marathon? Or do random (but awesome) experiments like Commander Scott Kelly does in the following video NASA just released of an effervescent tablet dissolving in a floating ball of water, with some added food coloring just to make it fun. Using a 4k RED Epic Dragon, which NASA is evaluating to capture data and operations in space missions, the following video is said to be the first of its kind.

[Via Laughing Squid]


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